17 x 17 4 Way Steel Tarp

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Coil tarps are used to cover loads of rolled steel or aluminum coils that will be hauled on a flatbed truck and trailer. The 17' x 17' size will cover a coil up to 5' tall x 6' across. Coil tarps are loaded with 56 D-rings plus 32 grommets for a total of 88 attachment points making them extremely versatile.

Two rows of D-Rings are installed on both sides as well as both ends of the tarp. These 1.5" dee rings are spaced at 30" apart and are inserted under a row of heavy duty polypro webbing. Each ring is triple stitched using our black 277 polyester thread. The outer perimeter of the tarp is folded over creating a two-ply thickness known as the hem. Brass rolled rimmed #2 grommets are machine punched about every 30" around this hem.