Lumber Tarp 16 x 27 with curtain airbag sides 14oz

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  • Dimensions: 16'. x 27' with 4 Ft Drop, 4' x 8' Tail and 4" Rain Flaps
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Fabric: Made with Black Airbag Nylon Fabric on the sides and SuperLight 14 Oz. Vinyl On Top
  • Airbag Nylon Fabric: This coated nylon airbag fabric offers superior tear strength at a much lighter weight as compared to Vinyl. This fabric is treated to be waterproof, we have tested it for 24 hours and water has not penatrated the fabric. 
  • Seams: Heat-sealed seams make the tarps 100% waterproof on top and treated to be waterproof on the parachute sides
  • Hems: All hems re-enforced with 2" webbing and double stitched for extra strength
  • Grommets: Tough solid toothed brass grommets clinched every 2 Feet
  • "D" Rings: Two rows of "D" Rings box stitched with protection flaps so the hooks from bungee straps don't damage the tarp
  • All D-Rings are galvanized with zinc plating.
  • Cold Crack: -40 Degrees C
  • Color: Black on Top and Black Parachute Material.
  • All tarps are marked with manufacturer information for traceability and identification.